When My Parents Named Me Barbara Did They Know I’d Be a Brand?

Lately I’ve been learning about
brand-building and platforming
for authors
Makes perfect sense to me
because nothing gives more pleasure
than to close a perfect book
by an unfamiliar author
then run out to the bookstore
and find a dozen more

But I wonder, not just for me, but for all of us
In this brand-building, tweety, statusing world
What to do with the stuff that doesn’t fit the narrative?
What to make of my contradictory enthusiasms and concerns?
job in ed tech
scrapbooking hobby
patient husband
great kids
insane cocker spaniel
addictions to the Project Rungay blog,
Mad Men, So You Think You Can Dance?

It’s the perfect age for monomanics,
people with one consuming passion
who live and breath it everyday.

But what about us poor, unintegrated schmoes?