Goodbye Wimba

Both the beginning and the end came head-spinningly fast. The middle seems like a dream—did I work in New York? Take the Acela every week? Have that great apartment? Did I really go to Orlando three times in the first six months of 2010? From the vantage point of life as I’m living it today, it’s hard to believe it was real.

Here’s what was real. At Wimba, Carol and I found a culture that cared deeply about its customers and its mission in education, a core team of managers and team members who worked hard and got their jobs done through thick and thin, and a market hungry for new and better ways to teach and learn. All Carol and I had to do was not mess that up.

We tried to add “Say What You’re Going to Do, Do What You Say” accountability to management, create a simple narrative about how we could help our customers and integrate exciting technology advances into our products. We didn’t get to finish, but it’s amazing how much was accomplished in such a short time.

My personal proudest moment at Wimba came in a conference room with an expansive view of Boston Harbor. I sat with the Blackboard due diligence team and, with no preparation, walked them through every single person on the Wimba org chart. For 100+ people, I knew every person’s current job, background before coming to Wimba, and what they were working on now.

So whether you are staying with Collaborate or moving on to other adventures, know that what you did at Wimba was known and deeply appreciated. I hope you will always be proud of your accomplishments.

I already miss my time and Wimba, and wish the best to all of you.