Why I Love Living in Massachusetts

     Today when I was at the Post Office in Davis Square, Somerville, a tweedy old guy wandered up to the window and asked the middle-aged postal clerk if he had any stamps with movie stars on them.

“Well,” replied the clerk, “I have Ronald Reagan.”

And then he looked at the old guy and the old guy looked at him and they both burst out laughing.  

The clerk knew the old guy wasn’t going to buy the Ronald Reagan stamps.  In fact, the clerk’s expression implied it had been a long time since anyone had bought those stamps.

The old guy went with superheroes stamps.  No explanation or further conversation was necessary.  

And that’s why I love living in Massachusetts.

One thought on “Why I Love Living in Massachusetts

  1. Oh my God, you have a blog.

    That’s it, you have just become the ‘coolest boss of all time’.

    Well, I had to skip over the ‘baby post’ as I’m still in that happy place where I realize all of you are simply able to rationalize everything. I’ll settle for life with a dog.

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