And Now for a Brief Commercial Message…

My short story “Winter Rental” has just been published in Seasmoke, an anthology of mystery, crime and suspense stories by New England authors.


The introduction to Seasmoke says, “Some stories hold us even though we’re not sure where the crime is or when it will show up.  But we are captured in the first paragraph and held until the end.  Barbara Ross’s story, ‘Winter Rental,’ is one of these.” 

“Winter Rental,” won an honorable mention for the Al Blanchard Award  The award was presented at the conference dinner at Crimebake, an annual mystery writers conference sponsored by the New England Chapters of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters In Crime  The whole experience including the conference, dinner, award and book signing was tremendous fun.

Ordering info for Seasmoke appears on this page

Thanks for watching this commercial message.  Have a great Thanksgiving.  Now back to regularly scheduled programming.

2 thoughts on “And Now for a Brief Commercial Message…

  1. Congratulations Barb! Apparently you’ve been doing more than cleaning closets. Or perhaps cleaning closets is part of your creative process….I have several I can offer in case you’re in need of inspiration.
    Intrigued by the title and look forward to reading it.

  2. Barb, congrats on the well deserved recognition. I am looking forward to reading the winning story as I thoroughly enjoy reading each of your entries.

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