Ed Yeung

My thoughts were in Vancouver yesterday with the family and friends of Ed Yeung who were attending his memorial service.

Ed was so much a part of WebCT.  His job might have driven other people crazy. He often had developers, support and even sometimes marketing going around and around on an issue while customers clamored for answers.  Ed patiently and cheerfully wrote draft after draft, always coming out with something that was both clear and accurate.

It was a tribute to Ed that he was not just well thought of in Vancouver.  He was also liked and admired by his colleagues in Boston.  It was amazing how Ed worked so collaboratively and productively with people he never met face to face.

Like many of Ed’s work colleagues, the last news I received from him was an update from the website LinkedIn saying Ed had taken a job as a Learning Specialist.  I remember pausing during a busy day and thinking, “That will be perfect for Ed.  He will be good at that.”

When I left WebCT, Ed wrote me a note saying the thing he most remembered was me quoting Dorothy Parker, “What fresh hell is this?”  Indeed.  A world without Ed is hard to imagine and a much diminished place.   He closed his note by saying, “I will miss you.  In fact, I miss you already.”  Now I am the one left missing him.

2 thoughts on “Ed Yeung

  1. Thanks for your words, Barb. The fact that Ed’s memorial was standing-room only is testament to how many individuals he had touched. He will be missed.

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